Valuation Services

Pre-Foreclosure & REO BPOs, AVMs, Appraisals, and Reconciliations

BPO QC Analysts and Recon Specialists Deliver

  • Optimal Pre-foreclosure and REO BPO quality control processes.
  • Accurate and timely BPOs, Reconciliations, and AVMs.
Our BPO Valuations Department has implemented quality control procedures (via technology and employees) ensuring we deliver excellent BPO valuation products.

Our BPO QC and Recon Analysts perform a comprehensive quality control check on every BPO. Discrepancies are sent back to the Real Estate Broker for correction before a final BPO Valuation is presented to you.

Valuations Technology: We continually invest in our technology platforms and have developed our own Valuations Management System (VMS) that provides an online platform to fulfill your valuations order more efficiently. We have the ability to provide “real-time” web service connectivity to our clients which eliminates the delays associated with order processing and order fulfillment through traditional methods. The moment a BPO QC Analyst completes an order, we can instantly deliver the results data, PDF’s, jpeg images and whatever you need in any format. Our VMS is built on database technology which will allow us to evolve seamlessly as emerging technologies become available. Our VMS also leverages GoogleMaps© to geo-code every address which calculates comparable distances to the ssubject property automatically and plots the addresses on an easy-to-read map.

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